DeMartin South

Redwood National and State Parks Coastal Trail

The southern portion of the Coastal Trail’s DeMartin Section is a destination hike in its own right. No, the three-mile route from Wilson Creek north to a primitive campground doesn’t pass by any redwoods of note. Those are all farther north, along the stunning northern portion of DeMartin.

But the southern portion does go through twisting mazes of old-growth spruce and features nice views of sea stacks below. And getting there is easy. Just pull into the Wilson Creek lot on the west side of Highway 101. 

There are actually two ways to access the northbound Coastal Trail from here. You can walk north along the side of the highway and cross the bridge over Wilson Creek before turning right onto an access trail. Or, from the parking lot or across 101 near the Redwood Hostel, you can figure out a way to ford Wilson Creek under the bridge.


  • THE HIKE: Southern half of DeMartin Section of Coastal Trail, about six miles if done as an out-and-back from Wilson Creek.
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Grassy meadows and mixed-species forests, including some gnarly old-growth spruce. Also views of the rocky coastline.
  • SWEAT LEVEL: The first half of the hike is mostly uphill. It’s not especially steep, but somehow the climb seems more arduous on an open path such as this.
  • GETTING THERE: Start at the Wilson Creek parking lot on the west side of U.S. Highway 101 about 13 miles south of Crescent City, choose an option for crossing the creek and pick up the Coastal Trail heading north.

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